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Laser SLAM Handling Autonomous Forklift

The Strongest Forktlift. Flexible and Efficient


High Precision

Pallet recognition +Accurate handling.

Automatic Charging

Support automatic charging without staff.

Flexible Dispatching

Seamless access to dispatching system.

Real Laser

Easy to deploy with trackless route navigation.

Good Applicability

Ramp, gap, elevator, transfer, stacker.

Additional information

Product name

Laser SLAM Autonomous Pallet Truck

Operation type

Automatic navigation, walk-behind driving

Navigation type

Laser SLAM

Pallet type

Open pallet

Rated load capacity

2000 kg

Load center distance

600 mm

Weight (with battery)

850 kg

Standard lifting height

120 mm

Forklift dimensions: L × W × H

2075 × 1063 × 2200 mm

Fork dimensions: L × W × H

1150 × 180 × 55 mm

Fork outer width

570 / 680 mm

Right-angle stacking aisle width, pallet 1000x1200 (1200 placed along the fork)

2760 mm

Right-angle stacking aisle width, pallet 800x1200 (1200 placed along the fork)

2660 mm

Minimum turning radius

1850 mm

Ambient temperature and humidity range

TEMP: 0°C to 50°C RH: 10% to 90%, no compression, no condensation

Driving speed: full load / no load

1.2 / 1.5 m/s

Passability (slope / step / gap)

<5% / 20 mm / 30 mm

Navigation position accuracy


Navigation angle accuracy


Battery specifications

24 V / 180 Ah (lithium iron phosphate)

Comprehensive battery life

10 h

Charging time (10% to 80%)


Charging method

Manual / Automatic

Lidar number

1(P+F R2000) +2(OLEI LR-1 BS2H)

Wi-Fi roaming


3D obstacle avoidance


Pallet recognition


HMI display


E-stop button


Sound and light indicator


Braking distance: 1 m/s / 1.5 m/s

≤30 cm / ≤50 cm

Bumper strip






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