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About Aivison

Offer Intelligent Logistics Solutions and Maximize the Efficiency

Established in 2019 within the dynamic innovation hub of Shenzhen, Aivison stands as a comprehensive center for intelligent manufacturing and efficient intralogistics solutions. Our commitment is anchored in the establishment of vital control infrastructure and the provision of a diverse suite of solutions, spanning the mobile robot controller, AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), logistics digitization, and visual AI solutions. The primary objective is to empower automation integrators in creating all-encompassing, readily deployable intralogistics and automation solutions.

Aivison has garnered acclaim for our prowess in AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) solutions. Fueled by cutting-edge SLAM technology, our solution achieves localization and navigation accuracy within ±2mm, maintaining an exceptional level of consistency.

Serving as a reliable partner to intralogistics and industrial automation integrators, we extend our services to partners and clients across a wide array of industries. Through our expansive partner network, we deliver tested and proven intelligent logistics solutions in sectors ranging from semiconductor, 3C, lithium battery, photovoltaic, auto parts, PCB, and textile, to medical industries.

Why Createview
Better Product

Aivison uses pioneering technology to develop leading-edge products, like AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), assisting customers and other industrial automation integrators in upgrading to digital intelligence.

Higher Quality

Aivison ensures stringent control of product quality at the origin and emphasizes safety, stability, and reliability while prioritizing an enhanced customer experience.

Lower Cost

Aivison products like the AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) achieve 3-5 times greater efficiency, minimize overall costs, and take responsibility for customer expenditures.

Faster Delivery

Aivison deploys in 1-7 days, commences production within a month, races against time for swift delivery, ensuring products reach customers within minutes.


The next-generation integrated management system for intelligent warehousing and distribution goes beyond traditional WMS warehousing and data management capabilities. It has the following merits:

  • Integrating with many equipment: It seamlessly integrates the management of mobile robots and various types of equipment to enable on-site automated handling.
  • Supporting various access methods: It supports user access through web pages, mobile phones, enterprise WeChat, and other channels for increased convenience and efficiency.
  • Realizing intelligence: This system is designed to assist you in achieving true industrial smart warehousing and smart logistics.


Meta-V is a service centered around data visualization technology. It employs low-code and chart editing tools to analyze and amalgamate data sourced from enterprise information systems or business systems. Subsequently, it transforms this data into software applications such as large digital screens, 3D digital twins, and 3-D simulations.

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