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About Aivison

Offer Intelligent Logistics Solutions and Maximize the Efficiency

Established in 2019 within the dynamic innovation hub of Shenzhen, Aivison stands as a comprehensive center for intelligent manufacturing and efficient intralogistics solutions. Our commitment is anchored in the establishment of vital control infrastructure and the provision of a diverse suite of solutions, spanning the mobile robot controller, AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), logistics digitization, and visual AI solutions. The primary objective is to empower automation integrators in creating all-encompassing, readily deployable intralogistics and automation solutions.

Aivison has garnered acclaim for our prowess in AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) solutions. Fueled by cutting-edge SLAM technology, our solution achieves localization and navigation accuracy within ±2mm, maintaining an exceptional level of consistency.

Serving as a reliable solution provider to end customers, we extend our services across a wide array of industries, addressing the needs of clients in intralogistics and industrial automation.Through our expansive partner network, we deliver tested and proven intelligent logistics solutions in sectors ranging from semiconductor, 3C, lithium battery, photovoltaic, auto parts, PCB, and textile, to medical industries.

Why Createview
Better Product

World leading technology, create world-leading products, help customers with digital intelligence upgrade.

Higher Quality

Aivison ensures stringent control of product quality at the origin and emphasizes safety, stability, and reliability while prioritizing an enhanced customer experience.

Lower Cost

Aivison products like the AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) achieve 3-5 times greater efficiency, minimize overall costs, and take responsibility for customer expenditures.

Faster Delivery

Aivison deploys in 1-7 days, commences production within a month, races against time for swift delivery, ensuring products reach customers within minutes.

Standardized Auto Mobile Bases​

The AMB (Auto Mobile Base) series products are standard AMR chassis equipped with laser SLAM technology; core mapping, positioning, and navigation functions; and abundant internal extension ports that allow for the mounting of upper modules to adapt to a variety of AMR applications.

standard latent jacking transfer robot

Standard Latent Jacking Transfer Robot

The AMB-J and SJV series of laser SLAM standard latent jacking transfer robots come equipped with an internal SRC series core controller and smart recognition functionality. They are capable of satisfying a variety of transfer scenarios with a load of 150-1000kg, and provide ecient and rapid solutions for rack transfer.

Smart Forklift

The SRC-powered laser SLAM Smart Forklifts come equipped with an internal SRC core controller along with 360° safety to meet the requirements of loading and unloading, sorting, moving, high-elevation shelf stacking, material cage stacking, and pallet stacking application scenarios. This series of robots features a wide range of models, a large variety of loads, and supports customization to provide powerful solutions for the moving of pallets, material cages, and racks.

Composite Robots

AIVISON’s customized AMRs powered by standard AMR chassis is based on the company’s concept of "Standardized Products, Customized Applications".This meets the collaborative moving demands of various complicated scenarios.


Special accessories for robots (primarily charging piles and handheld devices) provide users with a more flexible and effcient experience

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