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A Glance at the Intelligent Intralogistics Solutions from AIVISON

The e-commerce industry is gaining momentum, and the logistics industry is facing unprecedented challenges. In the past, much has been said about improving the efficiency of the value chain and optimizing production processes, while internal logistics has often been neglected. As an excellent AMR manufacturer and solution provider, AIVISON will briefly discuss this topic in the context of AMR robots.

New Challenges Facing Contemporary Intralogistics


Networking between data and transportation logistics is increasingly important. It reduces system response times and improves intralogistics efficiency.

Fewer Batches

Customization has become more popular, and logistics is faced with a large increase in categories and a decrease in batch sizes.

Larger Scale

E-commerce is growing rapidly, and the overall scale of logistics is increasing.

Shorter Lead Times

Consumers are more demanding and expect significantly shorter delivery times.

Revolutionizing Intelligent Manufacturing and Intralogistics: AIVISON, Your Premier Solution Provider

As a reliable ally to intralogistics and industrial automation integrators, AIVISON is dedicated to extending top-notch products and services to our valued partners and customers across the industry. Adopting precise and efficient intelligent SLAM robots to improve the efficiency of manufacturing and intralogistics is the best way to meet the above challenges. Our mission is to empower system integrators, equipping them with fully comprehensive, deploy-ready intralogistics and automation solutions.


Unveil AIVISON Exceptional Collections


Outstanding autonomous mobile robots. Equipped with robust algorithms, as well as SLAM technology and various navigation methods, the robots achieve a positioning accuracy of ±2mm.

Their compact size enables the robots to operate in a broader range of environments, expanding their applicability and reducing site limitations.


Strong, flexible and versatile, smart forklifts. Despite their compact size, these SLAM robots boast substantial load capacities. For instance, models like SFL-CBD15 can handle loads of up to 1.5 tons. They offer a 360° scanning range with a detection distance of 40 meters. Additional features include support for fast charging, quick acceleration to full speed in 2 seconds, and the ability to recognize super-large area maps.


Synchrostep remote controllers. Comprehensive basic functions and a wealth of optional features make it easy to adapt them to various types of carrying robots. These controllers offer a diverse array of external interfaces and communication buses, accommodating a broad spectrum of communication protocols. The reliable navigation they provide ensures the effective operation of AMRs in various scenarios.

Charging Piles

There are different automatic charging piles that support AMR forklifts. They can automatically adjust the power supply strategy based on the battery feedback. They are user-friendly, featuring a plug-and-play design for easy use.

Redefine Excellence with Targeted Solutions

3C Electronics Industry


Usually, the production workshop in the 3C industry is large in size, and the production vehicles are scattered, while some materials are difficult to transport. The intralogistics handover between production lines is often faced with high labor costs and low handling efficiency if it is transported by traditional manpower or magnetic stripe carts.


We will provide customized solutions to the factory’s existing problems and gradually complete a comprehensive upgrade of the entire factory in multiple cycles. Usually, autonomous mobile SLAM robots with jacking capabilities would be a good solution.

Tool Manufacturing Industry


Tool manufacturing factories are characterized by small spaces between stations, single executable tracks, a wide range of materials, and complex call task logic. This environment makes it difficult for traditional means of transportation to navigate through the factory, making it inefficient to work.


Plan the station layout and AMR traveling routes systematically to optimize efficiency. Apply the RDS system’s logic to prioritize tasks and adapt the call system for various situations. Ensure the smooth completion of complex call assignments through simple human-computer interaction.

Auto Logistics Industry


The quantity of pallet layers is variable and requires frequent destacking. In some cases, the fixed limit block at the entrance is outwardly placed, resulting in the material being unable to activate the switch of the AMR forklift.


RoboView autonomously determines the number of layers through the identification of layer height and manages the classification accordingly. Ultrasonic detection is employed to address the issue of goods not activating the in-place switch for fork tines.

Electronic Communication Industry


The storage of goods in electronic communication factories requires very precise internal transportation, but the problem is that storage locations often do not have network coverage.


Establish a connection between the picking robot and the MWMS using DMS optical communication. This integration serves to minimize size errors in the stereoscopic warehouse structure and enables precise adjustments to the site. Meanwhile, advancements in our autonomous mobile SLAM robots will result in the industry’s inaugural four-way forklift, enhancing the robots’ maneuverability and freedom in picking and placing containers.

Textile Industry


The limited space within the textile factory site and the dense storage of materials and goods have resulted in intricate route planning challenges.


Efficient route generation and RDS route management serve to avoid robot deadlocks and enable bidirectional transportation across all workstations.

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