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Our R&D team constantly conducts research on new technology products to meet the ever-growing customer
In accordance with these operations can only be able to solve the problems of your products things. You can click it.
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Metashop has drawing tools, model libraries and programmatic modeling, and models bind data to form digital assets. Users quickly create scenes in Metashop and preview how the robot will work in real scenarios.

RoboView GUI

RoboView GUI is a collection of deployment, configuration, rendering and display in one of the interactive software, native support SEER RoboView Server algorithm background, but also can run cross-platform (including Linux, Windows).

World Champion Team Gene 

Three times RoboCup world champion, master world-class intelligent control and digital technology

The world’s leading core products 

Having the most powerful controller products in the world, so that there is no barrier to manufacturing AMR

Industry technical benchmark

Laser SLAM navigation technology based on multi-sensor

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