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Visual navigation of AGV_P

Visual guidance is a kind of rapid development, this guidance method is also called image recognition guidance, increasingly mature emerging navigation.

In this way, the environment image information around the preset route is stored in the database of the control system.

During the operation, the surrounding image information is dynamically obtained through the vehicle camera and sensor, and the data in the database is compared to determine the next position.

Visual navigation principle: Visual navigation is to paint the AGV’s driving path with a color contrast with the ground or paste a color belt with a color contrast.

A photo sensor is installed on the AGV to compare the continuously taken pictures with the stored pictures, and the offset signal is output to the drive control system.

The control system will correct the AGV’s walking direction after calculation, implement AGV navigation. At present, with the increasing progress of computer technology, the price of hardware is also declining, which lays a good foundation for the application of machine vision technology.

Moreover, with the continuous improvement of the degree of automation and intelligence of the application system, many practical application systems hope to increase the function of machine vision and visual guided vehicles came into being. In the case of intelligent vehicles, the visual functions conferred on them by humans are crucial to the development of their intelligence. Therefore, the development of machine vision can not only promote the continuous development of intelligent systems, but also expand the research and application range of computers and various intelligent products.

Visual navigation advantages: Visual navigation flexibility is better, it is easier to change or expand the path, the path is relatively simple, the guiding principle is also simple and reliable, easy to control communication, the investment cost is lower than laser navigation, but slightly more expensive than magnetic navigation.

Disadvantages of visual navigation: AGV positioning accuracy is low, more sensitive to light interference, and the path also needs maintenance.