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Mowing Smarter and Lower Noise

Incorporates multiple sensors to optimize an efficient mowing schedule, 1000 m² maximum mowing area. Low noise level (less than 60 dB) ensures that you won’t disturb your family or neighbors.

RTK Real-time Measurement Technology

Adopting RTK real-time dynamic measurement technology, the error is accurate to centimeter level. In the environment of large-area mowing, there is no need to divide the task area into small neighboring blocks for operation, and the overall mowing track is more beautiful.

Quick Setup Without Perimeter Cable

Precise positioning, free from the boundaries of the perimeter line, reduces the energy and physical exertion of manual labor in the initial construction of the boundary.

Multiple Safety and Security Measures

It can effortlessly avoid various obstacles in front. Machines can sense external rain. Water resistant to IPX5. GPS anti-theft.

Compatibility and Scalability

Equipped with Bluetooth, WIFI, and 4G communication modules, it can be interconnected with other devices or systems, providing possibilities for building a smart home system in the future.

Additional information

Product name




L × W × H

52 × 38 × 25 cm

Net Weight (Battery Included)

10 kg

Full Charge Working Time

120 min

Standard Mowing Efficiency

100 m²/h

Mowing Height Range

20~60 mm (20-30-40-50-60 adjustable)

Maximum Mowing Width

18 cm

Charging Time

120 min (standard adapter)







Battery type

Ternary lithium battery

Battery Capacity

4700 mAh

Machine Rated Voltage

18 V

Input Voltage

100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz

Output Voltage

18 V

Output Current

2.5 A

Working Temperature

0°C ~ 65°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C ~ +60°C (recommended 0~25°C )

Maximum Slope

20° (36.6%)


60 dB

Protection Level


Blade Quantity

3 Pcs


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