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AIVISON’s SFL-CBD15 Smart Forklift: The Epitome of Flexibility and Efficiency

When it comes to material handling, efficiency and flexibility are paramount. That’s why AIVISON proudly presents the SFL-CBD15 Smart Forklift, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize warehouse operations. With the automated guided forklift innovative features and advanced technology, the SFL-CBD15 amr forklift is the epitome of efficiency and adaptability.

The Strongest Forklift, Flexible and Efficient

AIVISON’s SFL-CBD15 Smart Forklift sets new standards in strength and flexibility. Despite its compact design, this powerhouse can handle a remarkable load capacity of up to 1.5T. Its narrow width of only 932mm makes it the perfect choice for maneuvering through narrow aisles, optimizing space utilization, and maximizing productivity. Whether you’re dealing with heavy loads or tight spaces, the SFL-CBD15 is up to the task.

400,000m² Large Map and Speed Increase

One of the standout features of the SFL-CBD15 amr forklift is its ability to identify maps up to 400,000m². This large map identification capability transcends area restrictions, providing operators with greater handling space and more storage options. With the SFL-CBD15 automated guided forklift, you can navigate your warehouse with ease, significantly improving operational efficiency.

In addition to its expansive mapping capabilities, the SFL-CBD15 automated guided forklift boasts an impressive speed increase. With a maximum running speed of 2m/s, this smart forklift is 100% faster than previous models. The increased speed allows for quicker material handling, reducing downtime and boosting overall productivity.

Quick Charge and Change, Dual Battery and Double Endurance

Efficiency is further enhanced through the SFL-CBD15 amr forklift’s quick charge and change features. With support for up to 46A fast charging, the forklift can be quickly powered up, minimizing charging downtime. A single battery can be fully charged in just 1 hour, providing 4-6 hours of continuous operation. And with the option for dual batteries, the SFL-CBD15 automated guided forklift’s running time can be extended to an impressive 8-10 hours.

Battery replacement is also a breeze with the SFL-CBD15 automated guided forklift. The quick battery replacement feature allows for seamless battery swaps in just 3 minutes, ensuring uninterrupted workflow. The modular battery design, with global certification, provides added convenience and flexibility. Additionally, the SFL-CBD15 supports the extension of one more battery, doubling its endurance for even longer operation.

AIVISON’s SFL-CBD15 Smart Forklift is the ultimate solution for efficient material handling. Its strength, flexibility, and advanced features make it a useful tool in warehouse operations. With the SFL-CBD15 Smart Forklift, you can optimize space, increase productivity, and streamline your material handling processes. Experience the power of our SFL-CBD15 Smart Forklift and take your warehouse efficiency to new heights.