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Introducing The Future of Smart Forklifts in Warehouse Operations with AIVISON

Welcome to AIVISON, where innovation meets efficiency in the world of warehouse operations. Our state-of-the-art smart forklifts are designed to optimize productivity, safety, and precision in narrow aisles and various storage scenarios. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, we are proud to present our range of smart forklifts that will transform your business operations.

Enhanced Efficiency and Versatility

At AIVISON, we understand that space constraints can be a challenge in many warehouses. That’s why our smart forklifts are specifically designed to overcome narrow aisle limitations. With a width of only 932mm, these forklifts enable seamless maneuverability in tight spaces while providing an impressive load capacity of up to 1.5T. Whether you need to transport pallets, box pallets, or shelves of various sizes and types, including euro pallets and non-standard pallets, our smart forklifts offer multi-angle and high-precision identification to meet your needs.

Unmatched Safety Features

Safety is our top priority at AIVISON. Our smart forklifts are equipped with advanced features that ensure a safe working environment. With support for up to a 360° scanning range, a remarkable 40m detection distance, and a large field of view, our forklifts provide optimal safety. Additionally, our 3D safety obstacle detection laser, distance sensor, and hardware self-check features further enhance safety measures, preventing accidents and promoting a secure workplace.

Maximum Speed and Expanded Handling Space

We understand the need for speed in today’s fast-paced warehouse environments. That’s why our smart forklifts offer a maximum running speed of 2m/s, providing 100% faster operation compared to older models of pallet trucks. This significant increase in speed translates into improved efficiency and quicker handling of goods.

Furthermore, our smart forklifts boast the ability to identify maps of up to 400,000m². This capability allows our forklifts to effortlessly transcend area restrictions, offering greater handling space and more storage options. With this expansive coverage, you can maximize your warehouse’s potential and optimize storage capabilities.


Discover the future of warehouse operations with our smart forklifts. As industry leaders in innovation, we strive to provide solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and precision. With our smart forklifts’ narrow aisle design, high load capacity, versatile identification capabilities, advanced safety features, increased speed, and expanded handling space, we offer a comprehensive solution to meet your warehouse needs. Experience the transformative power of our smart forklifts and drive your business towards unmatched growth and success.