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Empowering Automation Integrators with Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of intelligent manufacturing and automation, businesses rely on innovative solutions that can streamline processes and enhance productivity. AIVISON, a pioneering company established in Shenzhen in 2019, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of offerings to help system integrators create efficient intralogistics and automation solutions. With a strong focus on control infrastructure, AMR technology, logistics digitization, and visual AI solutions, AIVISON is shaping the future of intelligent manufacturing.

Introducing AIVISON: Your Comprehensive Resource for Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation Solutions

AIVISON, also known as Shenzhen Aivison Intelligent Automation Technology Co., Ltd., has positioned itself as a leading provider of intelligent manufacturing and automation solutions. With a presence in Shenzhen, a renowned innovation city, AIVISON taps into the thriving ecosystem of technological advancements and industrial expertise. Our mission is to empower system integrators by delivering essential control infrastructure and a wide range of offerings.

From controllers to AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), logistics digitization to visual AI solutions, AIVISON provides a comprehensive resource for automation integrators. Our goal is to equip our partners and customers with the tools and technologies necessary to craft ready-to-deploy intralogistics and automation solutions.

Leading the Way in Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions with Unmatched Precision and Consistency

One area where AIVISON excels is in autonomous mobile robot solutions. Leveraging top-tier SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology, our systems achieve exceptional localization and navigation accuracy within ±2mm. This level of precision ensures consistent performance, allowing businesses to rely on our AMRs for a wide range of applications.

Artificially intelligent machines (AMRs) from AIVISON provide the automation that is required to optimise workflows, cut costs, and boost operational efficiency. This automation can be used for material handling, inventory management, or order fulfilment processes. Automation integrators are able to reliably incorporate cutting-edge technology into their intralogistics processes once they have implemented our intelligent solutions.

Partnering with Automation Integrators to Deliver Intelligent Logistics Solutions Across Industries

As a trusted partner to intralogistic and industrial automation integrators, AIVISON extends its services throughout various industries. Our partner network enables us to deliver tried-and-tested intelligent logistics solutions catering to sectors such as semiconductor, 3C (Computers, Communications, and Consumer electronics), lithium battery, photovoltaic, auto parts, PCB (Printed Circuit Board), textile, and medical industries.

By working together with AIVISON, automation integrators are able to gain access to a vast amount of expertise, support, and solutions that are tailored to their particular sector. We have an understanding of the distinct issues that are encountered by various industries, and we collaborate closely with our partners to develop individualised solutions that are tailored to fit the requirements of each area. As a result of this relationship, we are working towards the goals of fostering innovation, enhancing productivity, and transforming intralogistics processes across every industry.


AIVISON is at the forefront of intelligent manufacturing and automation solutions. With our commitment to control infrastructure, AMR technology, logistics digitization, and visual AI solutions, we empower automation integrators to build comprehensive, ready-to-deploy intralogistics and automation solutions. Trust us to provide the tools, expertise, and support required to enhance your operations and unlock the full potential of intelligent manufacturing.