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Discover the Cutting-Edge Features of AIVISON’s Laser SLAM Safety Jacking Transfer Robot: AMB-JS

Are you ready to witness the future of robotics? Say hello to AIVISON‘s incredible Laser SLAM Safety Jacking Transfer Robot: AMB-JS. This groundbreaking AMR automated mobile robot is here to transform the world of automation, bringing unmatched precision and efficiency to industries like never before. We are here to uncover the cutting-edge features that make our AMB-JS an incredible laser slam machine in its field. Get ready to be amazed by its advanced technology and discover how it can elevate productivity while ensuring utmost safety. So buckle up and prepare for an awe-inspiring adventure into the realm of state-of-the-art robotics!

Increased Safety

One of the major benefits of using our Laser SLAM Safety Jacking Transfer Robot is its ability to improve safety in hazardous work environments. The robot’s use of laser scanning technology allows it to create a detailed map of its surroundings, including any obstacles or hazards. This information is then used by the robot to navigate through the area without causing any accidents or damage to equipment or personnel. Meanwhile, our AMB-JS has already obtained CE certification (ISO 3691-4:2020) and other certifications.

Optional Load Models

One of the key features of our AMB-JS is its optional load models. With 500kg or 1000kg load models, our AMB-JS has been developed to cater to different types and sizes of batteries used in utility-scale projects. This flexibility makes our AMB-JS ideal for use in a wide range of applications, providing convenience and efficiency for businesses operating in the renewable energy sector.

High Efficiency

In addition to safety and precision, another significant benefit of using our Laser SLAM Safety Jacking Transfer Robot is its efficiency. Additionally, the charging pile of our AMB-JS is optional for 40A quick charge, with excellent endurance 1hours of charging for 7 hours of running. With its advanced sensors and mapping capabilities, the robot can identify the most efficient route for jacking transfers, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


In conclusion, AIVISON’s AMB-JS Laser SLAM Safety Jacking Transfer Robot is a groundbreaking and cutting-edge technology that has the potential to transform multiple industries. With its advanced features such as increased safety, optional load models, and high efficiency, it offers unparalleled efficiency and safety in various applications. We are excited to see how this innovative robot will continue to evolve and transform the way warehouse system works.