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Laser SLAM Autonomous Pallet Truck

The Strongest ForktliftFlexible and Efficient


Laser SLAM Automated Forklift Robot: SFL-CBD15

The Mightiest Smart Forklift: Compact, Flexible, and Efficient

  1. Space-Efficient Design with Impressive Load Capacity

Despite its narrow 932mm width, the SFL-CBD15 smart forklift boasts a substantial load capacity of up to 1.5T, making it ideal for navigating through narrow aisles with ease.


  1. Comprehensive Safety Features with a 360° Large Field of View

Supporting a 360° scanning range with a 40m detection distance, the automated forklift robot ensures a broad field of view for enhanced safety. Equipped with features like a 3D safety obstacle detection laser, distance sensor, and hardware self-check for multiple layers of security.



  1. Versatile Pallet Recognition with High Precision

Aivison smart forklift is capable of multi-angle and high-precision identification of various pallet types, including box pallets, euro pallets, non-standard pallets, and shelves. This adaptability ensures efficient handling of diverse loads.


  1. Extensive Mapping Capability for Increased Handling Space

The automated forklift robot can identify maps covering an impressive 400,000m², transcending area restrictions and providing a more extensive handling space with additional storage options.


  1. Significant Speed Boost up to 2m/s

Achieving a maximum running speed of 2m/s, the SFL-CBD15 smart forklift demonstrates a remarkable 100% increase in speed compared to older model pallet trucks, ensuring swift and efficient operations.



  1. Quick Charge and Change with Dual Battery Efficiency

Supporting up to 46A fast charging, the smart forklift can be charged for 1 hour for a single battery, providing 4-6 hours of runtime. With dual batteries, this automated forklift robot extends the running time to 8-10 hours. Quick battery replacement in just 3 minutes. The modular battery is globally certified, allowing for an additional battery extension, doubling the endurance of the smart forklift.

To obtain further details about the dependable SFL-CBD15 automated forklift robot, kindly reach out to our experienced sales team for the most affordable robotic forklift cost.


Small Body, 1.5 T in Load capacity

It is only 932 mm width designed for narrow aisles with a load capacity up to 1.5 T.

3+ Carriers Types, Wide Angle High Precision Recognition

Multi-angle and high-precision identification of multi-size and multi-type pallets, box pallets and shelves, such as euro pallets and non-tandard pallets.

Speed Increase 100% Up to 2 m/s

Maximum 2 m/s running speed, 100% faster than the old model pallet truck.

360° Large Field of View, Multiple Security Protection

Support up to 360° scanning range, 40 m detection distance, large field of view for greater safety.With 3D safety obstacle detection laser, distance sensor, hardware self-check, and other features.

Mapping Up to 400,000 m²

ldentification of maps up to 400,000m², easily transcending area restrictions and providing greater handling space and more storage options.

Quick Charge and Change, Dual Battery and Double Endurance

Supports up to 46 A fast charging. Charging 1 h for single battery can run 4 h~6 h, for dual battery 8 h~10 h running.Quick battery replacement in 3 minutes. Modular battery with global certification. Supports one more battery extension, double endurance.

Additional information

Product name

Laser SLAM Autonomous Pallet Truck

Operation type

Automatic navigation, by manual control device

Navigation type

Laser SLAM

Pallet type

Open pallet

Rated load capacity

1500 kg

Load center distance

600 mm

Weight (with battery)

388 kg

Standard lifting height

205 mm

Forklift dimensions: L × W × H

1712 × 932 × 1902 mm

Fork dimensions: L × W × H

1220 × (170+7) × 75 mm (7 mm wiring panel)

Fork outer width

550 / 600 / 680 mm

Right-angle stacking aisle width, pallet 1000x1200 (1200 placed along the fork)

2252 mm

Right-angle stacking aisle width, pallet 800x1200 (1200 placed along the fork)

2190 mm

Right-angle stacking aisle width,pallet 1000x1000 (1000 placed along the fork)

2224 mm

Minimum turning radius

1524 mm

Ambient temperature and humidity range

TEMP: 0°C to 50°C RH: 10% to 90%, no compression, no condensation

Driving speed: full load / no load

2 / 2 m/s

Passability (slope / step / gap)

≤5% / 10 mm / 30 mm

Navigation position accuracy


Navigation angle accuracy


Battery specifications

48 V / 23 Ah (lithium iron phosphate)

Comprehensive battery life

4 to 6 h

Charging time (10% to 80%)


Charging method

Manual / Automatic

Lidar number

1(H1) +2(C2)

Wi-Fi roaming


3D obstacle avoidance


Pallet recognition


E-stop button


Sound and light indicator


Braking distance: 1 m/s / 1.5 m/s

≤30 cm / ≤50 cm

360° laser protection


Bumper strip


Fork height protection






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