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Laser SLAM

Rotary Lifting Robot


Unparalleled Payload capacity, Effortless Handling

Load Type:



Smaller size, smarter algorithms!

1500 kg

Load Capacity

1412 mm

Rotation Diameter

Rotary Lifting

Jacking Type

Two-wheel differentil

Drive Mode

Precision, punctuality, safety

Laser SLAM Rotary Lifting Robot

Dramatically reduce costs and improve handling efficiency

Multiple Navigation Options Available

Laser SLAM, QR code and laser reflector positioning and navigation can be opted to meet the requirements for various positioning in multiple scenarios.

Powerful Material Shelf ldentification

Various goods rack identification is supported to meet the carrying requirements in multiple scenarios.

Flexible Moving

Small size for narrow aisles. More efficient trackless navigation, lower deployment costs, and more flexible movement.

1.5 T Load Capacity

The load capacity of 1.5 tons and superb carrying capacity can meet the needs of carrying large-weight products.

More Accurate Positioning

Positioning accuracy of ±5 mm for greater precision and efficiency.

6 h Battery Life

Large-capacity battery makes for 6 hours of battery life for longer-lasting carrying.

Rotatory Jacking Pallet

360° rotation, flexible for pick-up, drop-off and carrying (Spinning function )

Flexible Moving

Thinner body for more shelf-carrying scenarios. Minimum aisle width: 1 meter

Compact and Flexible

1500kg Load Capacity

Superb Load AMR. Solving problems of transporting overweight goods. Applicable industries include of Steel Industry, Automobile Manufacturing, Heavy Machinery Manufacturing etc.

Identification of Multiple Racks

A variety of goods racks can be identified and it can drill into and lift the racks. it can also identify material racks in various industries.
Universal Shelving Recognition

· The shape recognition of shelf legs;

· Various types of shelves;

· Basic function of latent lifting.

Multiple Operating Environments

Low environmental needs, little site-specific restrictions, no concern about damp ground becoming slick, and freedom to handle complicated scenarios.

Parameter Specification

-None            ● Standard            ○ Optional

Basic parameters
Product nameLaser SLAM Rotary Lifting Robot
NavigationtypeLaser SLAM
L × W × H1210 × 892 × 280 mm
Rotation diamete1412 mm
Weight (with battery)250 kg
Maximum load capacity1500 kg
Chassis ground clearance30 mm
Lifting platform dimensions1180 × 860 mm
Maximum lifting height60 ± 1 mm
Navigation laser scanning height123 mm(H1)
Performance parameters
Passability (slope / step / gap)≤ 5% / 5 mm / 30 mm
Minimum aisle width1000 mm
Navigation Position accuracy±5 mm
Navigation angle accuracy±1°
Driving speed≤1.67 m/s
Battery parameters
Battery specifications48 V / 40 Ah(lithium iron phosphate)
Comprehensive Battery life6 h
Charging time (10% to 80% )≤2 h
Charging methodManual / Automatic
Lidar number1(H1)+1(C2)
E-stop button
Ambient lamp
Bumper strip
Function configurations
Basic functions
Wi-fi roaming
Automatic charging
Shelf recognition
Spin function
Precise positioning with QR code
QR code navigation
Laser reflector navigation
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