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Laser SLAM

Safety Lifting Robot


Safe Lifting, Superb Load Capacity

Load Type:



Smaller size, smarter algorithms!

500/1000 kg

Load Capacity

1460 mm

Rotation Diameter

Standard Lifting

Jacking Type

Two-wheel differentil

Drive Mode

Precision, punctuality, safety

Laser SLAM Safety Lifting Robot

Dramatically reduce costs and improve handling efficiency

CE Safety Certified, Outstanding Performance & Excellent Safety Standard by Design

Obtion CE certification (ISO 3691-4:2020) and other certifications.

±5 mm Accuracy, Laser SLAM Navigation

SLAM navigation accuracy of ±5 mm, without reflectors.

Two Load Capacity of 500 / 1000 kg

Optional 500 kg or 1000 kg load models, catering to the load requirements in multiple scenarios.

Charge 1 h, Full-loaded Endurance 7 h

The charging pile is optional for 40 A quick charge, 1 hours of charging for 7 hours of running.

Single-sided ≥7 cm Wide Area Rack Identification

With unilateral ≥7 cm distance wide, the AGV could accurately recognize the rack, adjust its position, and drive precisely into it, successfully lift the goods.

Parameter Specification

-None            ● Standard            ○ Optional

Basic parameters
Product nameLaser SLAM Safety Lifting Robot
NavigationtypeLaser SLAM
L × W × H1330 × 952 × 290 mm
Rotation diamete1460 mm
Weight (with battery)265 kg
Maximum load capacity500 / 1000 kg
Chassis ground clearance30 mm
Lifting platform dimensions1300 × 920 mm
Maximum lifting height60 ± 1 mm
Navigation laser scanning height175 mm (H1)
Performance parameters
Passability (slope / step / gap)≤ 5% / 5 mm / 30 mm
Minimum aisle width1050 mm
Navigation Position accuracy±5 mm
Navigation angle accuracy±1°
Driving speed≤1.5 m/s
Battery parameters
Battery specifications48 V / 40 Ah(lithium iron phosphate)
Comprehensive Battery life7 h
Charging time (10% to 80% )≤2 h
Charging methodManual / Automatic
Lidar number2(SICK nanoScan3)
E-stop button
Ambient lamp
Bumper strip
Function configurations
Basic functions
Wi-fi roaming
Automatic charging
Shelf recognition
Laser reflector navigation
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