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Laser SLAM

Counterbalanced Autonomous Forklift


Compactin Size, yet capable of carring 2T Load

Load Type:



Smaller size, smarter algorithms!

2000 kg

Rated load capacity

500 mm

Load center distance

3000 mm

Standard lifting height

Open pallet / Closed pallet

Pallet type

Precision, punctuality, safety

Laser SLAM Counterbalanced Autonomous Forklift

Dramatically reduce costs and improve handling efficiency

Ultrasonic Detection, Safe Stacking

Ultrasonic technology detects the separation status between goods and forks in real-time, ensuring safe and secure stacking.

1180 mm Narrow AMR Width, 2 T High Load Capacity

With an AMR width of only 1180 mm and a minimum turning radius of 1577 mm, our robot boasts a remarkable load capacity of 2T. Standing at a standard height of 3 m, it can even be customized to 4 m.

Battery Replacement in 2 Minutes, Fast Charging in 2 Hours

Empower beginners to effortlessly replace the battery in 2 minutes, ensuring worry-free endurance. Equipped with a 24V/200 Ah battery, it guarantees an impressive 6-hour long endurance. Moreover, the 24V fast charging station can fully charge the robot in just 2 hours.

Adjust Fork Width for Different Carriers

Manually adjustable fork width ranges from 250 mm to 700 mm, making it suitable for multiple types of carriers. Our forklift can accurately recognize pallets, shelves, and cages of different sizes and types.

40 m Detection Range, 4-layer Safety Protection

The 40 m detection range provides a broader vision and enhanced safety. Equipped with 3D obstacle avoidance laser, safety edge sensor, distance sensor, and hardware self-checks, our robot offers you unparalleled 4-layer safety protection.

Flexible Customization with 4 Options

Supports customization of fork width, robot height color and logo. Tailor-made to meet the diverse re-quirements of your unique business scenarios.

Parameter Specification

-None            ● Standard            ○ Optional

Basic parameters
Product nameLaser SLAM Counterbalanced Autonomous Forklift
Operation typeAutomatic navigation, by manual control device
Navigation typeLaser SLAM
Pallet typeOpen pallet / Closed pallet
Rated load capacity2000 kg
Load center distance500 mm
Weight (with battery)2675 kg
Standard lifting height3000 mm
Forklift dimensions: L × W × H2767 × 1180 × 2235 mm
Fork dimensions: L × W × H1070 × 122 × 40 mm
Fork outer width250 mm~700 mm
Minimum turning radius1577 mm
Performance parameters
Driving speed: full load / no load1.5 m/s
Passability (slope / step / gap)< 5% / 10 mm / 30 mm
Navigation position accuracy±10 mm
Navigation angle accuracy±1°
Battery parameters
Battery specifications24 V / 200 Ah (lithium iron phosphate)
Comprehensive Battery life6 h
Charging time (10% to 80% )2 h
Charging methodManual / Automatic
Function configurations
Lidar number1 (P+F R2000 / FREE H1) + 3(FREE C2)
Wi-Fi roaming
3D obstacle avoidance
Pallet recognition
Cage stack
High shelf pallet recognition
Pallet stack
HMI display
Safety configurations
E-stop button
Sound and light indicator
Braking distance: 1m/s / 1.5 m/s≤30 cm / ≤50 cm
360° laser protection
Bumper strip
Fork height protection
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