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Full-function AMR Controller

High Performance Makes all Thinags Possible

Forklift-Specific Version of Safety Controller

More Professional and Functional

The World’s First Safety-function AMR Controller


Forklift-Specific Version of Safety Controller

Comprehensive Upgrade

Entry-level AMR Controller

Redefine the Multi-purpose Controllers

Redefine the concept of value for money,

the ultimate choice for differential drive vehicles

Advantages of AMR

Wide range of application scenarios Deep industry integration

Laser SLAM navigation

Accuracy up to ±5mm

Rapid deployment

Multi-vehicle scheduling for
complex requirements

360° safety programme

Eliminate the potential for

Multi-device interaction

Mulit-scenario versatility

7*24 hours full time work

Automatic charging via charging post

Customisation support

Propose solutions based on the
real situation



Electricity & Energy


Storage & Logistics

Electronic Communication


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