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Laser SLAM

AMR Chassis


New Era Of SLAM Autonomous Transportation



Smaller size, smarter algorithms!

150/300 kg

Load Capacity

840/1040 mm

Rotation Diameter

±5 mm

Navigation Position Accuracy

Two-wheel Differential

Drive Mode

Precision, punctuality, safety

Laser SLAM AMR Chassis

Dramatically reduce costs and improve handling efficiency

Universal Chassis, Flexible Expansion

Four mounting holes are set above the chassis, providing rich interfaces to mount various upper structures such as lifting mechanisms, rollers, robotic arms, latent traction and pan-tilt systems.

Multiple Navigation Methods, Positioning Accuracy Up to ±2 mm

Laser SLAM, laser reflector, QR code, and other navigation methods are perfectly integrated, achieving a repeated positioning accuracy up to ±2 mm. This allows precise docking between AMR and equipment, enabling efficient material handling.

Strong Optimized Software, More Supplied Functions

Based on AIVISON Robotics’ complete system software, it is easy to achieve full factory AMR deployment, dispatching, operation, information management, etc., and can seamlessly connect with the factory MES system, making the entire process smoother.

2 Levels of Load Capacity Could Be Selected

We provide AMBs with a load of 150 kg or 300 kg, and the produce of corresponding specification can be selected according to the type of upper structures.

High Cost-effective, Reduce Costs And Improve Efficiency

The highly cost-effective universal AMR platform, with precise cost reduction and efficiency improvement, is an excellent choice for customers to manufacture various types of mobile robots.

Parameter Specification

-None            ● Standard            ○ Optional

Basic parameters
Product nameLaser SLAM AMR ChassisLaser SLAM AMR Chassis
NavigationtypeLaser SLAMLaser SLAM
L × W × H800 × 560 × 200 mm1000 × 700 × 200 mm
Rotation diamete840 mm1040 mm
Weight (with battery)66 kg144 kg
Maximum load capacity150 kg300 kg
Chassis ground clearance25 mm25 mm
Navigation laser scanning height228mm(P+F) 215mm(H1)228mm(P+F) 215mm(H1)
Performance parameters
Passability(slope / step / gap)≤5% / 5 mm / 10 mm≤5% / 5 mm / 30 mm
Minimum aisle width700 mm840 mm
Navigation position accuracy±5 mm±5 mm
Navigation angle accuracy±0.5°±0.5°
Driving speed≤1.4 m/s≤1.4 m/s
Battery parameters
Battery specifications48v 25 Ah (lithium iron phosphate)48v 40 Ah (lithium iron phosphate)
Comprehensive battery life12 h12 h
Charging time (10% to 80%)≤1 h≤1.5 h
Charging methodManual / Automatic/Fast battery swapManual / Automatic/Fast battery swap
Lidar number1 ( P+F / H1 ) or 2 ( P+F / H1 )1 ( P+F / H1 ) or 2 ( P+F / H1 )
E-stop button
Ambient lamp
Function configurations
Basic functions
Wi-Fi roaming
Automatic charging
Shelf recognition
Laser reflector nabigation
3D obstacle avoidance
Precise positioning with QR code-
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