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Revolutionizing Intelligent Warehousing with B-150/300 Mobile Robot Chassis

AIVISON, a leading provider of intelligent logistics solutions, introduces MWMS (Mobile Warehouse Management System), the next-generation integrated management system that surpasses traditional WMS capabilities. With a focus on intelligent warehousing and distribution, MWMS offers exceptional features and benefits for businesses. AIVISON’s B-150/300 mobile robot chassis, with its flexible load capacity options, further enhances the efficiency and versatility of the system. In this article, we explore the merits of AIVISON MWMS and the capabilities of the B-150/300 mobile robot chassis in revolutionizing the AMR warehouse landscape.

Versatile Load Capacity with B-150/300 Mobile Robot Chassis

AIVISON provides AMBs (Autonomous Mobile Bots) with load capacities of 150 kg or 300 kg, allowing businesses to choose the appropriate specification based on our specific requirements. The B-150/300 mobile robot chassis offers exceptional flexibility, enabling seamless integration with various upper structures. This versatility empowers businesses to optimize our warehouse operations by efficiently handling different types of materials and loads. With AIVISON’s B-150/300, businesses can achieve enhanced productivity and adaptability within our warehouse environments.

Streamlined Operations with Strong Optimized Software

MWMS leverages AIVISON Robotics’ robust and optimized software, enabling seamless deployment, dispatching, operation, and information management of AMRs across the entire factory. The software is designed to integrate flawlessly with the factory MES (Manufacturing Execution System), ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. By connecting MWMS to the MES system, businesses can achieve real-time data synchronization, process optimization, and increased visibility throughout our warehouse operations. AIVISON’s MWMS, coupled with its powerful software, enhances operational efficiency, reduces errors, and improves overall productivity.


AIVISON B-150/300 mobile robot chassis and strong optimized software, powered by the MWMS , revolutionizes intelligent warehousing and distribution. The flexible load capacity options of the B-150/300 chassis cater to diverse material handling needs, providing businesses with the ability to adapt to various loads efficiently. With AIVISON’s MWMS, businesses can seamlessly manage AMR deployment, operation, and information management, while integrating with our existing MES system for enhanced process optimization. AIVISON’s commitment to innovation and intelligent logistics solutions positions us as a reliable partner in the dynamic world of AMR warehousing.


AIVISON is a trusted leader in providing intelligent logistics solutions, empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology and expertise. With our MWMS (Mobile Warehouse Management System) and B-150/300 mobile robot chassis, AIVISON revolutionizes the AMR warehouse landscape. Our solutions offer versatile load capacity options, advanced software capabilities, and seamless integration with existing MES systems. By partnering with AIVISON, businesses can achieve intelligent warehousing and distribution, optimizing productivity, efficiency, and overall success in our operations. Trust AIVISON to guide your journey towards next-generation, intelligent warehousing.